Vibrational Space Clearing

Buildings and objects absorb energy, both positive or negative from the thoughts, feelings and actions of the people who live or work inside and around them. Have you ever entered a room and felt a ‘bad vibe’? Negative energies can affect our emotional and physical well-being without us even knowing.

If you have ever had an intuition that something just isn’t right or feels ‘dark’ or ‘negative’ at home or at work, or if you are experiencing unexplainable tiredness then you need to cleanse the space.

Sometimes we experience this uneasy feeling when we are out shopping or visiting a friend or family member. Instinct tells us to leave the shop or rush the visit not quite knowing why. In a way when this happens we experience a tension inside ourselves that usually goes away when we leave the premises, and at this point we can breathe a sigh of relief.

We know from research and experience that we choose a house to buy or rent because its energies feel right to us at the time. Sometimes there is a shift that occurs within us that makes us feel uncomfortable with the old ways of doing things and at that point a house or work place may no longer feel appropriate to be in which can lead to the need to sell the house and move. In reality there is no need to do something so extreme, all you really need is to employ our Vibrational Space Clearing solution. Vibrational Space Clearing is an essential tool to utilise when buying or renting a new property, to enable the any old trapped, stagnant, negative energies to be thoroughly cleared. Buildings hold memories in their very fabric and structure, i.e. the bricks, stone, wood and glass.

There are a wide variety of factors involved when trying to determine the cause of these ‘bad vibes’ we may feel. Most of the time it is the accumulation of stagnant energies, memories of past events. Exterior factors created by mobile telephone masts, leylines, sick house syndrome, computers, lighting systems, chemicals in food, clutter around the house and emf’s can all cause these ‘bade vibes’ too. We as individuals can also be the cause of negative energies with our thoughts, intentions, emotions, relationships and words. Now imagine being in a room which has been cleared and feeling a really good, ‘positive vibe’? When we feel comfortable within our environment we feel more balanced and positive which makes us better able to cope with the challenges we face in everyday life. We begin to attract positive circumstances and outcomes.

Science has proved that everything in the Universe and beyond is comprised of energy, constantly flowing, changing and affecting all areas of our lives. Energy in the places we live, work, shop and socialise can have profound effects on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. The techniques that we use are highly effective for clearing and revitalising the stagnant energy in buildings, both residential and businesses and can lead to an improvement to health, relationships and finances.

Ask yourself how can your home be a sanctuary, a place of harmony for yourself and your family if its history is full of illnesses that have been experienced, tears that have been shed, arguments that have been had and sadness’s that have been endured over the years? Remember it is not only your experiences that have left imprints but previous occupants experiences are embedded into the fabric of the building.

Can you remember a time and place where you walked into a room in which an argument has just taken place, remember the feeling of the space, could you have cut the atmosphere with a knife? The energetic release that occurred during that argument was so intense, that the energy left behind was almost physically tangible. The residue of this energetic release ripples through the building and accumulates, particularly in corners. Like the build up of dust in a home, the energy stagnates, affecting the flow of energy within the building and within the lives of the occupants.

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